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Category I
Eminence in a Chosen Field of Endeavor
Alumni who have gained prominence, fame, or have distinguished themselves by meritorious recognition of significant accomplishments in their professional field of endeavor.

Category II
Distinguished Service to NMMI
Alumni who, through devoted, dedicated, and outstanding service in positions of high responsibility at NMMI, positively influenced NMMI over a number of years.

Category III
Flag Officers
Alumni who attain flag officer rank in any of the uniformed services shall be considered sufficient distinction for nomination.  Flag rank officers may be
inducted following retirement from service.

Category IV
Sergeant Major and Above Rank
Alumni who have achieved the rank of  E-9 or Special Pay Grade in any of the national uniformed military services.  Achievement of  E-9 or Special Pay Grade is in itself tantamount to "Eminence in a Chosen Field of Endeavor".  Selection for induction should be with held until the retirement or death of the subject to prevent induction before their achievement in rank is complete.

Category V
Alumni who have been awarded the Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross, the Navy Cross, or the Air Force Cross.  Civilians may qualify if
decorated with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, if it is awarded for valorous conduct.

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NMMI Alumni
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One of the highlights of
Homecoming each year is the
induction ceremony for
outstanding alumni who have been selected for enshrinement in the NMMI Alumni Hall of Fame.
Nominations may be made at any time; however, the deadline for the Homecoming 2012 induction is
30 April 2012.
Complete and extensive
information on the nominee is
essential for the selection process and must be seconded.  In order to ensure full justification for this honor, the NMMI Alumni Board of Directors require that all
available records and supporting documents be submitted with the nomination.  The categories and basic criteria are:
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