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All NMMI Alumni and Friends:

In a recent series of "thank you" e-mails I have recognized those who have stepped up and provided additional contributions and donations toward the General's Cup fund raising golf tournament.  I would also like to recognize those who give regularly but have not yet been publicly thanked this year.  I am in that category and realize that a simple thank you can go a long way.  I have a payroll deduction of $100 per month taken from my check as a donation/contribution to the Campaign for the Corps.  That amount is enough to insure I am a Crossed Sabers Society member each year.   Crossed Sabers Society membership is a giving level of donors who give $1000 or more each year to the Alumni Association or the Foundation in restricted or unrestricted funds.  The Campaign for the Corps  provides money for cadet activities, unrestricted scholarships and Alumni Association support to cover operating expenses and provide services to our Alumni and Friends.  There are also a number of established endowments that provide scholarships to deserving cadets.  There will be a special breakfast and recognition ceremony on Saturday during Homecoming to recognize all Crossed Sabers Society members.  Even though some of you will not be able to attend, your names will be listed on a plaque in Hinkle Hall.  At this time I want to take this opportunity to  thank each Crossed Sabers Society member with a simple "THANK YOU" and to let each of you know how much your loyal and continued commitment to NMMI is appreciated.

Mrs. And Mr. Alison C. Abella 1992 JCG

Ms. Lisa M. Ake

Albuquerque Alumni Chapter

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Alexander

Ms. Diane E. Alley

CPT and Mrs. Joseph Alfred Altman, USA 1987 HSG

Mr. John J. Andersen 1965 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Anderson 1958 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. James K. Anderson 1944 JCG

MG and Mrs. Ronald K. Andreson, USA (Ret) 1954 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Arden 1955 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Bill B. Armstrong, Jr. 1962 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Armstrong 1967 JCG, Armstrong Energy Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Paul N. Arnold 1964 HSG

Mr. William L. Arrington 1952 HSG

Mr. J. Allen Baird 1942 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Baker 1962 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth V. Barbe 1973 HSG, Manzano, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Bean

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Beardsley 1961 JCG

Lt Gen Robert D. Beckel, USAF (Ret) Honorary Life Member

CAPT and Mrs. Webster L. Benham, III, USNR (Ret) 1967 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Bennett 1971 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie C. Birnie 1955 JCG

Mrs. Barbara Bogle

Ms. Cindy James Bohannon

Dr. David R. Bolling, Jr. 1962 JCG

Mr. Ronald Lew Bouchier 1984 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Bouchier 1951 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. T. Blair Bouchier 1980 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Brewer 1952 JCX

Ms. Dennise P. Bridgers

Dr. and Mrs. Philip Dabbs Briggs

Mrs. Toni Brinker

Dr. and Mrs. Randal W. Brown 1974 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kendall Brown 1980 JCX

Mrs. Sherry Brown

LTC A. D. Brownfield, III, AUS (Ret) 1966 JCG

Ms. M. Lea Brownfield

Ms. Mitzi Brownfield

Mr. and Mrs. William Walter Burke 1968 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Burkholder 1953 HSG

Mrs. Kathryn Burton

Mr. Bobby Butler

Mr. and Mrs. J. Chris Butler 1981 HSG

Mrs. Alyce Cain

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Clifford Carper, Jr. 1967 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Al Castle

Mr. and Mrs. Sealy Hutchings Cavin 1948 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. William English Cavin 1985 JCG and MAJ Nancy Anne Cavin, NMMI

Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Chaffin 1982 JCX

Dr. Mark D. Chambers 1949 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Isaac E. Chavez 1992 JCG

COL John R. Chavez, USA 1986 JCG and Mrs. Holly A. Chavez 1987 JCX

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford A. Christmas 1970 HSG

Mr. Nicholas B. Clinch 1950 JCX

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Coates, Jr. 1957 HSX

Mr. Ralph R. Conner 1943 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent R. Cordova 1973 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Costello 1961 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Cowan, ESQ 1947 JCG

Mrs. Emmalie G. Cowherd

COL and Mrs. David L. Crawford, USA (Ret) 1978 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Crawford, III 1953 JCX

LTC Edmond Croix, NMMI (Ret) and Mrs. Alma K. Croix , Honorary Life Members

Mr. Michael C. Currier 1962 JCG

Mr. William R. Cutter 1952 JCG

Mrs. Sharon Daniels

LtCol and Mrs. Robert R. Darron, USMC (Ret) 1949 HSG

Mr. Edward  David, David Petroleum

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Davis

LtCol and Mrs. Ira Steve Davis, USMC (Ret) 1971 JCG

Mrs. Linda M. Davis Honorary Life Member

Mrs. Nancy A. Davis

Mr. and LtCol Randolph S. Davis 1976 HSG, CS Ranch

Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Davis 1948 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan S. Davis 2002 JCG, Weatherford Directional Drilling

LtCol and Mrs. Donald R. de Tenley, USAFR (Ret) 1964 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Dean 1955 SCG

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Dean, III 1960 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. W. Lee DeSanders 1968 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Lance W. deStwolinski 1964 JCG

LTC and Mrs. David L. di Lorenzo, USA (Ret) 1952 SCG

CW4 and Mrs. J. C. Dodd, USAR (Ret) 1978 HSG

BG Mark C. Dow, USANG(Ret) 1971 JCG

Ms. Lisa D. Drummond 1985 JCG

Mr. Ceyork Trazmond Ducote, III 1999 HSG

BG and Mrs. Albert J. Dye, WVANG (Ret) 1952 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse F. Eckel 1969 JCG

Mr. William Troy Edwards 1952 HSX

Mrs. Barbara Egbert

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Elkins 1952 JCX

COL and Mrs. Frank W. Elliott, Jr., USAR (Ret) 1949 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Elliott 1969 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ellis

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Erard 1972 JCX

Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell D. Esquibel 1975 HSG

Mr. Larry  Fields, ATI Jet Charter

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Shelby Fillpot 1977 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold E. Fisher 1952 SCG

BG and Mrs. Jack R. Fox, NMARNG (Ret) 1968 JCX

Mr. and Mrs. Steve L. Fox

COL and Mrs. Reginald W. Franklin, NMMI 1977 JCG

BG and Mrs. Joe N. Frazar, III, USA (Ret) 1961 JCG

Ms. Kathy A. French 1993 HSG

COL and Mrs. Howard M. Gabbert, II, USA (Ret) 1950 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Galloway, ESQ 1974 HSG

Mr. Dennis Joseph Garcia 2007 JCG

COL and Mrs. John L. Garcia, USA (Ret) 1953 SCG

Mr. and Mrs. G. Dale Garlow 1962 JCG

Mr. James C. Geibel 1976 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Van H. Gilbert

Mrs. Hannah Ginsberg

Ms. Christjane T. Goodwin

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. F. Gratton

Mr. and Mrs. Kim D. Greaves 1979 JCG

Ms. Arden Lynn Green

Mrs. Bennie Green

Dr. and Mrs. E. R. Greene 1966 HSG

MG and Mrs. Jerry W. Grizzle, USARNG (Ret)

Mrs. Kay Haggar

Mr. Evetts  Haley, Jr.

Mrs. Stefanie Haley

Mr. and Mrs. Cody  Hall,  Hall Enterprises / Trail Dusters, LLC

Mr. George E. Hall 1973 HSX

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Halper 1943 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Ray W. Hammond 1964 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. James Buchanan Hanks, II 1974 JCG

Mrs. Maxine B. Hannifin

MAJ and Mrs. Michael W. Harbor, USA (Ret) 1978 JCG

Mrs. Bettie L. Harris

Ms. Leslie J. Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Harvard 1978 HSG

Mr. John B. Harvard, III 1981 JCX

Mr. Henry M. Hearne 1958 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Helbing 1972 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Helbing 1971 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Henderson, III 1964 JCG

Mr. Harry C. Hendricks 1973 HSG

Mrs. Eleanor Henrichs

Mr. and Mrs. Terence G. Hibbard 1979 JCG

Mr. Travis  Hicks,  Desert Sun Motors

Mr. and Mrs. Rolla R. Hinkle 1977 HSG, Hinkle Oil & Gas Properties

Mr. and Mrs. Rolla R. Hinkle, II 1951 HSG

LTC and Mrs. James K. Hitch, II, USA (Ret) 1960 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Jon  Hitchcock,  Pioneer Bank

Mr. and Mrs. Kiel A. Hoffman 1985 JCG

MAJ and Mrs. William C. Hoh, USA (Ret) 1976 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Glede W. S. Holman 1981 JCG, Yates Petroleum

Mr. Stephen J. Holmes 1962 JCG

Mrs. Sydney Huffines

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Huguenin 1962 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Hunsucker 1977 JCG

Mr. James S. Hunter 1967 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Clifton T. Hutchinson

Mrs. Joan L. Ingram

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip C. Ingram 1967 HSG

Judge and Mrs. Donald L. Ivers 1961 JCG

Judge and Mrs. Thomas L. James 1947 HSX

Dr. and Mrs. William W. Jenney, Jr. 1950 JCG

Mr. Thomas E. Jennings 1968 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. James Pingree Johns 1943 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Parsons Johnson, III 1949 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester P. Johnson, IV 1974 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Johnston, Jr. 1949 HSG

COL and Mrs. Stanley W. Johnston, Jr., AUS (Ret) 1967 HSX

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Keleher 1952 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Harris E. Kerr 1971 JCG, Permian Abstract

Mrs. Lou Kerr

COL and Mrs. Norman W. Kinder, USA (Ret) 1956 SCG

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Kirkpatrick

Mr. and Mrs. Kay W. Kirkpatrick 1951 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. Kitchen, Jr. 1961 HSG

Mr. Robert R. Klabzuba

Mr. Edward J. Klein

Mrs. Melvileen Zee Klein

Dr. and Mrs. Alan N. Kleinman

LTG and Mrs. Richard T. Knowles, USA (Ret)

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kobal

Maj Gen and Mrs. Clifford John Kronauer, Jr., USAF (Ret) 1940 JCG

Mr. Thomas Walter Krumland,  Krumland Auto Group

Ms. Desire' LaFont 1983 JCX

Mr. Charles E. Lake 1950 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo A. LaPorte 1996 JCG

Dr. and Mrs. Earl A. Latimer, III 1980 JCG

Mrs. Barbara H. Laverty

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Lawson, Jr. 1946 JCX

Dr. and Mrs. Ronal P. Lentz, CPA 1963 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Joseph Leonard 1944 JCX

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Seth Letcher 1997 JCG, Letcher, Golden & Associates

Mrs. Sallie C. Leverton

Mr. Stephen C. Leverton

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Lewis, Jr. 1967 JCX

Dr. and Mrs. William G. Liakos, Jr. 1982 HSX

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Mahlon Love, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Lowe 1967 JCG

Mr. W. Rudd Marlowe 1969 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Marmaduke

Mr. Stephen S. Marmaduke 1968 HSG

Ms. Elizabeth P. Marsden

Mrs. Claribel Y. Marshall

LTC and Mrs. Andras M. Marton, USA 1991 JCG

1SG and Mrs. Joseph M. Matakas, USA (Ret) 1966 JCX

Mr. James L. Matteucci 1984 HSX

Mrs. Tina McBee

Mrs. Joyce McBride

Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt W. McCrea 1980 HSX

COL and Mrs. Larry D. McCreary 1981 JCG

MAJ and Mrs. E. Crosby McDowell, USAR (Ret) 1963 JCG

COL and Mrs. Robert L. McGee, USA (Ret) 1953 SCG

Dr. Steven L. McKnight 1969 JCX

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. McLeod,  Xcel Engery

Mr. and Mrs. Elliott G. McMaster 1958 JCX

Mr. Arthur R. McQuiddy

Mrs. Eugenia B. Means

Mr. and Mrs. Jon E. Means

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Mehigan

Mr. Rance C. Miles 1978 JCG, Select Milk

Ms. Mary Ann Miller

Mr. Ron  Miller

Mrs. Mary C. Montgomery

Ms. Tanya Renee Montgomery 1998 JCG

Mr. Mike Moore

Dr. and Mrs. James B. Moss, Jr. 1943 JCG

Mrs. Karen  Moyle, A K Sales & Consulting

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Edward Mudge 2002 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. James Robert Mulvihill

Mr. Eugene U. Munsey 1962 JCG

Mr. Thomas J. Nance 1952 HSG

Dr. Robert C. Newman 1968 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Nix, Jr. 1961 JCG

Dr. and Mrs. Steve North

Mrs. Ethel Olson

LTC and Mrs. Seth R. Orell, USA (Ret) 1962 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Katherine D. Ortega

Mrs. Thea Otterson

Mr. Bill  Owen, David Petroleum

Ms. Sally Pacheco

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Paternoster 1979 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Les Paul

COL Timothy S. Paul 1984 JCG, New Mexico Army National Guard

Mr. Glen Robert Payne 1990 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lloyd Pearson 1943 JCG

COL and Mrs. Stephen P. Perkins, USA (Ret) 1978 JCX

Mr. and Mrs. P. Richard Perryman, CPA 1964 HSG

CAPT Jerome A. Peschka, Jr., USN (Ret) 1963 JCG

LTC and Mrs. Jerald L. Phifer, USA (Ret) 1983 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Elliott W. Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Phillips, Jr. 1947 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall A. Pieczentkowski 1959 JCG

Mr. Richard C. Poe 1987 HSG, Dos Lunas Tequilla

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Pratt

Mr. Richard  Price, Chase Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart M. Pritchard, Jr. 1971 JCX

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Raymond 1955 JCX

MAJ Randy C. Reeves, USAR (Ret) 1975 JCG

Mr. Howard William Regester, Jr. 1945 JCX

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Rhoads

Mr. Joe  Rieser, Krumland Auto Group

Mr. Bryant E. Riffe 1975 JCG

Mrs. Mary Ritter

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Rogers

Dr. John H. Rose

Ms. Erin Meredith Rundberget 2003 JCG

Ms. Catherine Q. Russell

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Rust

Mr. and Mrs. Jesus A. Salazar 1980 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Savage 1964 JCG

Ms. Elizabeth F. Schafer

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart D. Shanor,  Hinkle, Hensley, Shanor & Martin, LLP

Mr. David  Sifuentes, Sodexo

Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Baruch Sinsheimer

Mrs. Rosemary Sisneros

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Everett Smith 1944 HSG

Ms. Becky  Smith,  J & G Electric

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas N. Smith 1962 JCG

LTC and Mrs. Frank Tallant Smith, USA 1986 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Solomon 1966 JCG

Mrs. Frances Jayne Spencer

Mr. Frank X. Spencer, III 1996 HSG

Mr. Stirling T. Spencer 1968 JCG

Mr. Clark A. Spiller 1975 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Thomas Staubach 1962 JCX

Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Stokes 1976 HSG

Mrs. Gayle A. Stokes

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Stokes 1975 JCG

Mr. Leonard R. Stokes 1970 HSG

Barry  Stone, J. P. Stone Community Bank

Mr. Bruce M. Strathearn 1955 JCG

Mr. Phineas Wilford Stubbs

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Tabor 1974 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Teague

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Terry 1953 SCG

LT John Bethel Thomas, USCG 2002 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. C. Rhea Thompson 1958 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Thompson, Jr. 1957 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. J. Andy Thompson 1961 HSG

Mr. Malcolm Clark Thurmond 1965 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. J. Penrod Toles 1950 SCG

Mr. and Mrs. George T. Tubb 1972 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk M. Tucker 1962 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Turner 1959 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Miguel R. Urban 1975 JCG

Dr. and Mrs. Michael O. Vandewart 1971 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Vandiver 1970 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Varnell 1962 JCG

Ms. Nickie A. Vigil 1981 JCG

Dr. and Mrs. Louis S. Vodzak

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Waggoner 1952 JCX

Mr. William J. Waggoner, ESQ 1978 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Wagner 1961 HSX

Dr. and Mrs. Jon B. Wang 1958 HSG

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Weckel

Mr. and Mrs. Marlin D. Wells 1962 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Wilder, Jr. 1948 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Williams 1967 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Mark Williams 1967 JCG

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis D. Wood 1969 JCG

COL Coryton C. Woodbury, NMMI (Ret) Honorary Life Member

Mr. Frank W. Yates,  Yates Petroleum

Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Yates 1963 HSG, Yates Petroleum

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Yates 1964 HSG, Yates Petroleum

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Yates,  Yates Petroleum

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Yates,  Yates Petroleum

Mr. and Mrs. Peyton  Yates,  Yates Petroleum

Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Yates,  Yates Petroleum

Mr. and Mrs. Dale F. Zinn 1967 HSG

We will have special events that need emphasis such as the new Band uniforms and the General's Cup.  I hope that in addition to your regular contribution, you will consider helping these special events.



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