[Allalumni] Thank You from MG Grizzle, NMMI President and Superintendent

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Fri Oct 5 15:44:51 MDT 2012

All NMMI Alumni:

I want to thank the following Alum's for meeting my challenge for the General's Cup:

Frank Turner                                                      Phil Ingram
Dick Varnell                                                        Rudd Marlowe
Bryant Riffe                                                        Paul Arnold
Glede and Teresa Holman                            Steve Perkins
Dennis Wood                                                     Albuquerque Alumni Chapter
Jim and Joy Lowe                                             Kim Greaves
Steve Elliott                                                        Frank Spencer
Bill Cutter                                                            Steve Paternoster
Randy Brown                                                     Jim Hitch
Jock Brownfield

Collectively this group has contributed $20,620 for the General's Cup.  Our Corporate Sponsor group has pledged a total of $60,100.00.  We are well on the way to making this single largest fund raiser ever for NMMI.  We still have several General's Challenge commitments that we need to complete and we are still working with additional corporate sponsors.  In addition we have some incredible prizes that will be auctioned off at the completion of the tournament.

I know that $1,000 is an incredible amount of money to donate and have been made aware that some have felt left out because they could not participate at that level.  Certainly we want anyone who has a desire to participate to be able to do so and to be recognized for their efforts.  There are two other levels that someone could chose to participate with a contribution.  The first is a Gala Hole Sponsor.  For a $100 contribution, you will have  assign acknowledging your participation placed on one of the tee boxes on the course.  In addition, if you are able, you would be included in all of the activities at the golf course, tow breakfast meals, two lunch meals and drinks.  The second level is the Colt Sponsor.  The Colt sponsorship is $200 and in addition to all of the things listed for the $100 contributors, you would be included in the opening night dinner at the Roswell Country Club, the end of event dinner at Quarters One and special recognition in flyers, publications and press releases.

Let me pause just a minute to remind everyone the purpose of the tournament.  The purpose is to create of a pool of unrestricted scholarship dollars to allow NMMI to take advantage of what I call, "a first round draft pick."  Myself and many of the senior faculty and administration are called upon to speak at different events such as high school graduations, JROTC events, etc.  I/we need to be able to turn to the Valedictorian or that honor JROTC graduate and say, "Here is a scholarship if you will come to NMMI."  We have a wonderful foundation and Association that support us with scholarship dollars.  Most of those however, are endowed and have criteria that must be met to be awarded.  I can only make an offer like I have described if I have unrestricted dollars I know I can commit.

Let me close by thanking everyone for their support of this effort.  In only our first year we have created one of the most talked events in Chaves County.  We still have room for sponsors but the actual number of players for the tournament is full and we have a waiting list.  They will learn to get onboard earlier next year.

I hope to see many of you at Homecoming.

MG Grizzle
grizzle at nmmi.edu

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